Commercial Pilot

A Commercial Pilot’s Certificate represents the level of piloting expertise for a pilot who intends to fly for hire. The expectations include a Commercial Pilot level of knowledge, advanced maneuvers with an emphasis on coordination and precision, and the skills to operate a complex airplane.

A Pilot who intends to fly professionally will seek the Commercial Pilot's Certificate as a requirement to practice the profession. A business or recreational flyer will seek the Commercial Pilot's Certificate for a higher level of safety and proficiency as well as lower insurance rates, especially in complex airplanes.

Instructional Areas Covered

  • Single or Multi-Engine
  • Ground and Flight Procedures
  • In-Flight Maneuvers
  • Abnormal Procedures
  • Emergency Procedures

Eligibility Requirements for Commercial License

  • Private Pilot Certificate
  • 18 years old
  • Second-Class Medical Certificate

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